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You can use this platform to plan your entire wedding such as sourcing vendors, manage their guest lists, contracts, invoices, photos, videos, thoughts, etc.

Some couples may directly reach out to vendors while most prefer to use the "Plan My Wedding" tool to specify their budget for each vendor item tin search.

If their criteria budget falls within the vendor's your price range, vendor will receive a lead notification where they can either accept, counter the offer or decline.

Once vendor accepts the offer, they can start communicating further with the couple.

Vendors have the option to pay per each lead they receive or pay for one of the yearly subscriptions with unlimited leads.

Every vendor has the same exposure and pays the same price point regardless of specialty.

If you desire further exposure, we can always discuss further about our various advertising opportunities.


  • Sign up for free
  • Complete setting up your account profile images, videos, send invites, manage guest list & vendors
  • Specify your budget for each vendor line item and submit.
  • Your request will be sent to vendors within your requirements to help you stay on budget..
  • Vendors will contact you privately to accept or counter your offer.
  • You decide and take it from there...
  • Sign your contracts on review all your invoices
  • This makes life so easy planning your wedding in ONE PLACE!


  • Sign up| See subscription options or Pay Per Lead (PPL)
  • Complete setting up your business profile images, videos, set up deals, list your services and pricing, etc...
  • Your potential clients will contact you if you fit their requirements/budget.
  • You can accept or counter offer.
  • Communicate with them and take it from there...
  • Send, sign and manage all your contracts and invoices in ONE PLACE!

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